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03 Jul

Well maybe not in that way.  The March issue of Consumer Reports did a quick feature (Legal ephedra?) on the status of ephedra since the ban of ’04.  We say “quick” because it appears that they did minimal research and decided to go with a one-sided story describing current and past ephedra products.  We are still waiting on our phone call to counter the points delivered by the FDA and consumer reports.

For example, in response to Bill J. Gurley, Ph.D saying “Those ‘legal’ ephedras aren’t likely to pose dangers—or do much else” we would probably be inclined to mention the 26 positive reviews currently found on the Green Stinger product page.

The article also attempts to pass off opinion as fact while exaggerating harmful effects of ephedrine.  This is nothing new as even as far back as 2004 a Utah court ruled “that the FDA had failed to meet its burden of proof that a daily dose of 10 mg or less of ephedrine alkaloids presents an unreasonable risk of illness or injury.”

It is my opinion that ephedrine alkaloids were unfairly banned.  There were limited cases of harmful effects of ephedra and most of those related to abuse or misuse of the ephedra product.  We are now doing our best to present customers with the best possible ephedra product available.  We do that via Staff picks and by encouraging customers to leave reviews on ephedra products that they have tried.  Plus, on Ephedra Outlet, you will always find the good and bad reviews for every product.  We want you to get the straight scoop on every product!

We have always maintained that the unfortunate truth is that nothing compares to the pre-ban ephedra products.  Yet, everyday we are getting closer and closer to finding products that can both boost energy and assist in weight loss the way that pre-ban ephedra products did.  And you can help.  Comment on this blog and leave reviews on product pages for products that work (and didn’t work).  In the meantime, we thank consumer reports for the attention, but next time we hope for a more balanced story.

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