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Portion Control Help

31 May

Ever find yourself confused with how much food equals one serving?  It can be difficult to decipher proper food portions, especially since portions seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  Many of the big chain restaurants are dishing out double or even triple the recommend portion sizes making it difficult to keep yourself at a healthy weight.

Luckily, WebMD has created a super simple guide to follow so you will always serve up the correct portion sizes.  The guide compares food to objects like a baseball, golf ball, deck of cards, etc.  They also offer PDF versions that you can keep with you as a quick reference wherever you are.  It’s pretty nifty, so check them out!

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Top 4 Benefits of Yellow Bullet

25 May

Yellow Bullet is known as the one of the best fat burner and energizer pills on the market.  If you are looking to lose those last few annoying pounds or just want an awesome energy boost, Yellow Bullet will provide the results you have been searching for!

  1. Provides improved energy and endurance
  2. Boosts metabolism for faster weight loss
  3. Suppresses your appetite
  4. Enhances concentration and alertness

    If you are looking for a serious pill that gives serious results try Yellow Bullet today by visiting!

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    Can Crossing your Arms Relieve Pain?

    23 May

    A recent article TIME article explored the bizarre claim that crossing your arms will actually prevent pain.  How does it work?  Studies have shown that by crossing your arms it “confused the brain by interrupting the processing of information incoming from multiple regions.”  While this method has not been proven to alleviate extreme pain, it might be a quick fix for minor aches.

    Read the full article:  Why Crossing Your Arms Helps Kills Pain

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    Is sitting too much making you fat?

    20 May

    Ever wonder why two people can eat the same exact things but one loses weight or stays fit while the other gains weight?  Sure, metabolism could be a factor.  But there could be other factor’s too. Maybe one works 40+ hours in an office environment.  Even worse, maybe they work 40+ hours and only get up from their computer once or twice a day.  Check out this NY Time article on the lethal effects of sitting too much.

    DR. LEVINE’S MAGIC UNDERWEAR resembled bicycle shorts, black and skintight, but with sensors mounted on the thighs and wires running to a fanny pack. The look was part Euro tourist, part cyborg. Twice a second, 24 hours a day, the magic underwear’s accelerometers and inclinometers would assess every movement I made, however small, and whether I was lying, walking, standing or sitting.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    How to Lose Weight on the Job

    18 May

    CareerBuilder conducted a survey “from February 21 through March 10, 2011 among more than 5,600 workers” to see how many people have been “trading doughnuts for carrot sticks” at work.  The results of the survey stated “18% of workers report they’ve lost weight in their current jobs…”  Sounds like a pretty so –so number considering that “forty- three percent of workers said they have gained weight in their current job…”

    Sadly, neither of those statistics are shocking to me.  You hear of more and more people who are either unhappy with their job or just plain overworked, which can lead to some pretty poor eating habits.  In fact, nearly 55% of American’s are unhappy with their jobs, which I’m sure isn’t very surprising to hear.

    So, how does one become part of that coveted 18%?  Below are a few easy tips you can use to shed pounds while at work. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Reversing Obesity by Flipping a “Switch”

    16 May

    Obesity has been a growing issue around the world with 1 in 10 adults suffering from the disease.  Even more alarming are the statistics on childhood obesity.  Upwards of 33% of children and adolescents are obese. Obesity has been on the rise since the 80’s and does not seem to be going down any time soon.  Many assume obesity is caused by overeating and general laziness, which many times can be true, but a new study out of London sheds new insight on the issue.

    A group of British researchers have recently reported a link between our genes and our weight, among other metabolic diseases like diabetes.  They found by making a few changes to the “master regulator gene,” it “can cause a cascade of other metabolic effects in other genes.” Read the rest of this entry »

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    Conquer a Weight Loss Plateau

    12 May

    You’ve been keeping up with a workout routine for months and have been doing great.  Then, all of a sudden, you seem to hit a wall.  You either stop losing weight or your weight starts to fluxuate between losing and gaining.  It’s frustrating because you’re still eating right and working out.  What gives?

    Hitting a weight loss plateau can be annoying and confusing.  This is generally the point where people lose motivation and sometimes give up.  If you find yourself in this situation, here are 4 things to consider:

    • Did you know that eating under your suggested caloric intake can actually cause a weight loss plateau?  Many people have the assumption that if you eat less you gain less.  While this may be true for a while, it actually hurts you in the end.  Eating less has an effect on your muscle tissue, which can result in a reduction of fat loss, therefore less weight loss.  Always try to stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Read the rest of this entry »
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    Ephedra: The Real Story

    11 May

    Ever feel like you are in the dark about what ephedra really is and how it works?  Don’t worry, you are not alone and yes, it can be confusing.   With so many ephedra products on the market, it is hard to decipher what you are actually getting.  The laws regarding ephedra and its usage have been a topic of perplexity for many years.  I’m sure you have questions regarding what is legal and what has been ban by the FDA as well as what the side effects really are.  The information below will cover the answers to the most frequently asked ephedra questions.

    What is Ephedra and where does it come from?

    Ephedra is a plant (more specifically a shrub) that grows mostly in the Northern Hemisphere.  Ephedra is commonly used for weight loss, but different species of the plant can also be used for different medicinal purposes like helping symptoms of asthma or a cold (pseudoephedrine).

    What is MaHuang?

    MaHuang and ephedra mean the same thing.  MaHuang is the Chinese term for ephedra.

    Was Ephedra banned? Read the rest of this entry »

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