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Lose weight, boost your metabolism, and feel better in 20 minutes or less!

30 Aug

Wow! That is a lofty claim, in fact, I am glad you continued reading cause lets be honest: the internet is full of claims like the one above and more often than not the secret is under wraps till you shell out $$$ for the latest and greatest fat loss system.

It’s true though, and it can be backed up! Ever hear of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It’s freakin’ fantastic, and can change your life. Let me start with the basics:

HIIT is a method of exercise where you alternate short bursts of aerobic exercise with a recovery period. The best part is you can have an awesome workout in 20 minutes!

Take a look at this treadmill workout:

Set the incline to 3 and begin with a 2 minute warm up at the lowest speed that will still get your heart rate up so lets say 4.5 mph (where I started)

at the start of the 3rd minute move your speed up .5 miles per hour (so 5 mph)

on the 4th minute go up .5 miles per hour (5.5 mph)

move up another .5 on the 5th minute (6 mph)

on the 6th minute, you guessed it – one more .5 (6.5)

on the 7th drop down to your lowest speed (4.5)

from minute 8-11 bring it up .5mph each minute

12th minute. drop it back down to your lowest speed (4.5)

13-16 bring it back up .5/mph per minute!

Now for your 17th and 18th minute CRANK IT UP another .5 mph (7 mph) go ALL OUT!

For your last two minutes drop back down to your lowest speed and cool down!

This workout is AWESOME SAUCE all around, start slower than 4.5 mph and work your way up, even at it’s most excruciating I KNOW you have 2 minutes of no holds barred all out running to give, even if you’re not going to make it up to 7.5 mph!

Another great HIIT workout? Go 2 minutes at your lowest speed then kick it up to your fastest speed for 30-40 seconds, drop back down to your lowest for another 2 and then crank it back up to your highest for 30-40 seconds. Repeat this cycle for 10-12 minutes or as many as 12 cycles, whatever pushes your body to where you can’t do another cycle, and you have crammed a whole days worth of metabolism boosting, calorie burning, hot body makin’ cardio into less time than it takes to watch a repeat of Friends!

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Does this stuff ACTUALLY work?

19 Aug

Can ephedra help me? It’s a question I hear A LOT. Simple question, it deserves a simple answer right?

This is the tricky part, this simple yes or no question doesn’t get a yes or no.

Ephedra extract, the extract from the Ma Huang plant’s leaves that are currently available on the market can work to maintain and lose weight.

It CAN work, and there are a few factors to consider.

Everyone is different, and everyone reacts to any form of medication or supplement differently. What works for someone may not for another, and lets be real: When it comes to treating obesity and helping folks lose weight, the jury is out! What is safe? What works?

A surefire way to lose some weight, maintain your current weight, and have a healthier life is simple. So simple you’ve probably heard of it a time or two. Eat right, healthy “real” (as in not processed) foods and exercise.

“Oh diet and exercise you say? Never heard THAT before” Hush now! I can almost see your exasperated eye rolling now!

It’s true, it has always been true, and it always will be the formula for maintaining a healthy weight.

Ephedra supplements CAN help though. Ephedra with a proprietary blend that often included caffeine and other metabolic boosters can provide you with the energy and appetite suppression you need to reach your goal weight!

Again, not everyone is the same, what works for Patty (she’s so thin, ugh don’t you just HATE her?!) may not work for Johnny (He was so cute in high school MAN what happened?!) but may work for you.

We aren’t going to sell anything and call it the “sit on your couch with a bag of chocolate covered pork rinds and lose weight” pill but we will say that if you are dedicated to changing your lifestyle, getting up and moving and improving your diet an ephedra supplement can help. Honest!

With that in mind, let me just throw this in here, not every ephedra supplement is going to work the same for every person (which is why we carry so many products on the site…seriously have you looked at our site? We got a TON of ephedra supplements). So lets say you try our number one Green Stinger cause everyone’s raving about it and the reviews look good, and you get the bottle and a week later you’re just feeling like you drank 3 pots of espresso and not losing a pound. Well guess what? You can send that baby right back and say, “This one gave me the energy…too much really, but none of the appetite suppression”. We got you covered, send it back and we’ll get another supplement out to you; we might even have a good recommendation if you don’t know what to go with after reading through reviews. Seriously easy, you can’t go wrong.

My point: ephedra can help, whether you are just getting started, or have hit a weight loss plateau. It’s just about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle and finding the supplement that’s gonna work for you!

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Breakfast REALLY is the most important meal of the day

01 Aug

Get up and go. Sometimes that is literally the hardest part of my day. Maybe that sounds like I lead a charmed life, but it ain’t so!

I wake up with a pit in my stomach and I just cannot start my day. Spend another hour in bed, not actually asleep but not willing to get up. It’s not a good start (or a pretty sight for that matter; no really it’s kind of a horror movie).

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, and caffeine kind of aggravates my already sensitive stomach.

The only thing that works for me? I get my full 7-8 hours AND I eat my breakfast first thing.

“But I’m not hungry first thing in the morning!”

I know…I wasn’t either, for a long time. I literally had to train myself by forcing food down when I first woke up and no later than 45 minutes after waking up. Try something easy on the stomach. I recommend gluten free oats, or even better, some awesome overnight oats! Delicious, filled with fiber, protein, and good bacteria to get your digestion booted up first thing.

You get on this routine and I PROMISE you will wake up hungry and your morning blahs will pass quicker than you ever thought possible. And if you get enough sleep you may start waking up without the use of an alarm and eliminate the blahs all together!

You will be surprised how this affects your whole life. You will have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, your stress levels will drop, your skin will get that glow. Everyone will be all “What’s your secret, oh tell me plleaaasssse” and you’ll be all like “IT’S BREAKFAST! YOLO!!!!!” Then you’ll like, I dunno, smash through a wall like the Kool-Aid man or something.

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