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Laughter, Joy, and Weight Loss

18 Sep

A lot of the time when people start a new diet or exercise routine it’s because they are really dissatisfied with their current weight. They berate themselves day in and day out, and deny themselves some of the greatest pleasures like eating out with friends or being active outside of the gym setting.

If this isn’t your first rodeo with dieting you probably know what I’m talking about, and because this isn’t your first time you probably realize that this tactic of self blame and impossible standards didn’t help you actually reach any of your goals.

You may have heard about the chemical cortisol, which the body uses to regulate insulin and blood sugar, but it is also released when you are stressed out. Too much cortisol has been proven to cause weight gain! Not only does it cause weight gain, it causes weight gain in your abdomen, an area where too much fat storage has been known to have a direct correlation to heart attack and stroke. (Yikes! I know, my stress levels increased just typing that, but take a breath and calm down, there’s good advice right around the corner!)

When you beat yourself up and force yourself into rigorous diets and exercise routines you are often adding undue stress into your life and actually working against your goals. Now that doesn’t mean some lifestyle changes aren’t a good idea, of course they are, but moving forward with JOY is a huge step in the right direction.

Watch your calorie intake but never deprive yourself meals or the social aspects of meal time, if you are going out to eat, many restaurants offer lower calorie suggestions that are just as delicious. Plus, sometimes it’s OK to order that awesome cheeseburger on the menu, but maybe skip the soda, alcoholic drinks, and dessert that time around.

Sure spend some time at your gym, but don’t forget just being more active can change your life! On a sunny day ride your bike to the store, or take a stroll with friends. Get out and swim! Changing your life doesn’t have to be misery UNTIL you’re the size you want to be.

You’re beautiful now! A goal is great, but don’t forget you’re as awesome now as you will be a few sizes smaller, so don’t turn your life upside down to achieve a smaller size! Make changes towards a healthier happier you every day and I think you’ll be very pleased with the results!

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Green Tea may be the best date you’ve ever been on

12 Sep

I know you’ve heard about the power of Green Tea, it’s all over the place these days. A Google search will turn up massive results, with claims like WEIGHT LOSS! HELPS YOU RELAX! LOWER YOU LDL (BAD) CHOLESTEROL! REDUCE CANCER RISKS! GREEN TEA IS A GREAT BOYFRIEND WHO WILL NEVER CHEAT! OK I made that last one up…but you get the point, lots and lots of praise is being heaped upon our grassy flavored friend right now.

So a lot of this information is speculation, as in not a ton of clinical trials have been conducted and the research on Green Tea has largely been inconclusive. What is known, is that Green Tea contains antioxidants known as catechins, and no doctor is going to tell you that antioxidants don’t have benefits; just the extent of what they can do is what hasn’t been tested enough to slap a “FDA approved to treat the following conditions” label on it.

I like to work from the framework that science has proven the benefit of antioxidants already and that the catechins found in Green Tea are known to be good for you. It is the extent of their abilities that still need more testing. Green Tea is also in a unique position to help with weight loss due to its scientifically proven metabolism boosting and appetite suppressing qualities.

It’s recommended that you drink at least 1-2 mugs of this stuff a day, and up to 10. If you are caffeine sensitive 10 is a lot, but 7 can give you a big metabolism boost for weight loss, and a chemical called theanine found in Green Tea, which can lower stress and anxiety, can help with those caffeine shakes. Regardless, never drink more than your body feels comfortable with, I am VERY sensitive to caffeine and can’t do more than 2 cups before I’m unable to sleep at night!

So while Green Tea may not be the best boyfriend of all time, it is a fantastic way to add some healthy stuff into your daily routine! Just making a pot of tea is relaxing and a nice way to start your day! Get on the Green Tea train, and let me know how it works out for you on Twitter, or in the comments!

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