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Make the holidays your Boo!

17 Oct

Look, let’s get one thing out of the way. I am not ready to call Mid-October “The Holiday Season” either. I’m not ready to walk into a Target and be surrounded by songs about Christmas piping through the speakers and Christmas decorations everywhere I look. It’s happening though, whether we are ready or not, and one very important thing to take note of: we’ve already started eating like it’s the holidays.

This makes sense, our ancestors didn’t get to watch the snowfall from their hot yoga class, or head to work from their nice warmed home, to their nice warmed car, to their nice warmed office. These are (in the grand scheme of things) fairly new to us. So when the temperature starts to dip our normal human cravings for fat, sugars, and carbohydrates goes from bad to downright ravenous!

Take a deep breath…take one more…and put the candy corn DOWN. Despite your pesky desire to pack on weight this time of year, you can maintain a workout schedule, and eat the amazing bounty of winter fruits and vegetables available to you at your local market.

Craving something sweet? Oranges are about to be the best they are all year, and the vitamin C boost is going to keep your immune system running strong during cold and flu season!

Wanting all the pumpkin spice lattes? Find better ways to use this awesome squash! I recommend a pumpkin curry served over brown rice! Savory, sweet, and a little bit of spice this is a great way to pack in the pumpkin flavor.

Cruciferous vegetables like Kale, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and broccoli that are available year round lend themselves perfectly to your holiday feasts! Season them and roast them up! Served with your turkey this is a high protein, high fiber, nutrient rich meal that can’t be beat! While everyone else is jumpstarting their heart after eating their weight in gravy, you’ll be ready to go caroling!

When you’re at holiday parties (of which you will probably be at no fewer than 5) instead of starving yourself until you can’t take it anymore and gorge on holiday cookies and cream cheese pumpkin roll, breeze in there like you own the place and move right to the almost untouched fruit and vegetable plate. Fill up on this stuff first and after a few servings where you’ve curbed the hunger pangs from going straight from work to a party then you can reward yourself with some tasty carby treats. It’s OK to try everything, just remember hors d’oeuvre’s aren’t meals! Your body needs real food if you’re hungry – not sugary salty carbs!

This year, forget your New Years weight loss resolution; keep your body in shape right now! By keeping real whole foods at your disposal, you’ll be able to have a taste of all the holiday treats without going overboard. So, it may not even be Halloween yet, but….HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!!

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When life hands you lemons – make yourself into a super fit hottie

03 Oct

Bad break up? Financial woes? General malaise and bummed out feelings? Time to wakey wakey eggs and bacy and get yourself to the gym, the trail, the bike, the yoga class, the ACTIVE LIFESTYLE you see on yogurt commercials.

This is no easy task, when life is kickin you while you’re down, the urge to lay in bed and watch Lifetime movies with a pint of double fudge brownie ice cream is pretty strong. What does it actually give you though? Think about it? If you need that for a few days go for it and go HARD, but maybe there is something that will make you feel genuinely better.

The first day is hard. Getting out of bed to put on your workout gear is like pulling teeth, you’re going to work out and you’re mad about it. I get it; we have all been there before. Half the time fitting a workout into your day when you’re feeling just fine is hard enough, doing it when you feel like a bum? Unheard of! Trust me though! This is when you NEED it the most!

When you work out, your body releases endorphins, and these guys are the secret happy cocktail you need to wrap your brain in warm fuzzies. Not only that, but you’re doing something good for yourself; lowering your cholesterol, improving your flexibility, burning calories. This is like a retail therapy trip for your body!

Days 2 through 4? No picnic either. One good workout does not bring the boyfriend back, nor does it pay your insane Verizon bill, and it certainly doesn’t fix whatever existential crisis you’re experiencing at this particular juncture. Give it time, get up and do it again, make it your ritual, give yourself this! Seriously, change the way you view it, you’re giving yourself something awesome! You’re doing this for you, and you deserve it.

The longer you keep with it, the better you’re gonna feel. Not saying you won’t have slumps where you don’t work out for a week or two, but you’ll remember that high you felt when you ran faster on the treadmill than you ever have before, or the upward dog you did in yoga that stretched you in all the right ways, and you’ll get back up and do it again!

Oh and when you run into that jerk ex of yours out? You won’t get the satisfaction of watching his jaw drop at the site of the hot new worked-out you. You’re too far ahead of the game at this point to even be bothered with that, besides, isn’t there a cute guy checking you out at the other end of the bar? Yeah, I’d say go talk to him…

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