How to Lose Weight on the Job

18 May

CareerBuilder conducted a survey “from February 21 through March 10, 2011 among more than 5,600 workers” to see how many people have been “trading doughnuts for carrot sticks” at work.  The results of the survey stated “18% of workers report they’ve lost weight in their current jobs…”  Sounds like a pretty so –so number considering that “forty- three percent of workers said they have gained weight in their current job…”

Sadly, neither of those statistics are shocking to me.  You hear of more and more people who are either unhappy with their job or just plain overworked, which can lead to some pretty poor eating habits.  In fact, nearly 55% of American’s are unhappy with their jobs, which I’m sure isn’t very surprising to hear.

So, how does one become part of that coveted 18%?  Below are a few easy tips you can use to shed pounds while at work.

Take a walk – Try to get up and away from your desk or workstation every 45-60 minutes, even if it is just for a stretch of short walk – every step counts.  By removing yourself from your work area, it also allows you to clear your mind, which will keep you more focused and productive.  You can also implement the stairs instead of the elevator method or picking a parking spot that is further away from the door.

Plan your meals each week – This may be one of those easier said than done tips, but it can be very beneficial.  Think about it, if you take a short amount of time each week to plan and shop for food, then you will be less likely to hit those vending machines or hitting a fast food joint for a grab and go lunch.

Stay Hydrated – If you only use one of these tips, pay attention to this one.  Having a good amount of water in your diet plays an important role in losing weight.  Many times people mistake hunger for being thirsty and end up grabbing a candy bar instead of hitting the water cooler.  Remember, if you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated, so keep a water bottle or non-caffeinated drink close by.

Get a healthy work buddy – It’s hard to gain motivation when the people you associate with the most are unmotivated themselves.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to go at something alone, so find someone who has similar goals and give it a go together.

Implementing any of these tips into your day will not only help you drop some pounds, but may make your day a little less stressful.

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