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Weight Loss Tips – Portion Sizes

28 Jan

In keeping up with highlighting positive weight loss stories in the news (since there are soooo many bad ones) I’m going to discuss a recent CNN article centered around portion sizes.  There is some good and some bad in this article, but overall I think it sends a good message.

The article first starts off my talking about the importance of portion sizes for weight loss and mentions “when people overeat, it leads to irregularity in blood sugar.  It also leads to obesity…”  This is all very true, but are portion sizes the reason people overeat or are obese?  Maybe it’s more the food choices they make, the number of meals eaten per day, or the number of calories consumed via liquid to name a few.  Still portion size is a valuable discussion.

The article next mentions five talking points about portion sizes.  We will discuss two of them:

  1. Ignore the size of your plate.


This is an old wives tale that says the smaller the plate the less you will eat.  Really?  Or maybe I’ll just eat more platefuls?  This article cites a study that debunks this tale and mentions it’s better to learn what a proper portion size actually is.  I totally agree and think you should take it a step further and learn how many calories are in common portion sizes of chicken, steak, ground beef, eggs, etc.  Once you understand the basics, healthy eating becomes so much easier!

Also if you eat lunch at work, take the same Pyrex everyday!  That way you know the portion sizes that fit in there and how many calories you are having for that meal.  Once you figure everything out once, you have it figured out forever.  No more guessing or wishy washy meals from that food truck across the street.  Unless it’s a cheat day of course…..

  1. Serve yourself some bad foods


I don’t like this one.  Even though I literally just mentioned a cheat day in my previous paragraph, I feel like the way this was worded allows people to think it’s ok to eat something bad every meal.  I totally disagree with this strategy and think it will really hinder your weight loss goals.  I’m much more a fan of 90/10, meaning you eat healthy 90 percent of the time and unhealthy 10 percent of the time.  For you wise guys out there, that doesn’t mean you can have 9 healthy meals and then a 10,000 calorie meal (or does it? Read more about the Tim Ferris diet here).  If you are following 90/10, 90 percent of your calories should be healthy!

One last little hack that CNN mentioned was regarding focusing on your eating.  They say that the unfocused eater is more likely to overeat than the focused eater.  They mention eating with your opposite hand since it will take more concentration than normal thus reducing your chances of overeating. It’s an intriguing hypothesis.  Another way to focus more is to really challenge yourself on the meals you cook yourself.  If you try and taste the ingredients that you know are in there, you might become more focused.  Plus, if you are trying new challenging recipes, you can make them healthy from the get go!

All in all portion sizes probably plays a fairly minor role in obesity as the food choices you make are much more important.  Still, some of these tips put forth by CNN in this article are helpful and might make that little bit of extra difference you need to lose weight.  So go out there and try one of these today and be sure to report back here on how it worked!

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What is the best weight loss diet pill?

22 Jan

What is the best weight loss pill?  According to the Great Google Machine, that exact phrase is searched over 5000 times a month!  And if take the time to do that search you are presented with things like Alli (scary side effects) and articles from Forbes and the great (note: sarcasm) Dr. Oz.  Dr. Oz has a new greatest weight loss pill pretty much every week, yet somehow still manages to get excited about each and every one.  We, on the other hand, prefer tried and tested weight loss pills that have been reviewed by actual customers and have proven success.

When looking to find the best weight loss pill you might first look to the FDA, since they “oversee” the diet pill industry.  They don’t approve or disapprove every weight loss pill, but they have approved a couple recently, and when they deem a weight loss pill too dangerous they will disapprove it.  We won’t rehash this arbitrary system in this article, but you can read more about the banning of effective weight loss pills and the approval of not so effective ones here and here.


Unfortunately, if you go with one of the FDA approved weight loss pills you might not be happy with the outcome.  Alli has some embarrassing side effects (let’s just say don’t wear white pants) and Belviq/Qsymia have a lot of questions on their potential side effects as well as their actual effectiveness in aiding weight loss.

What are we looking for from the best weight loss pill?

In our opinion there are three main components that make a top tier weight loss pill.

Effectiveness in Weight Loss – This boils down to how much extra weight a diet pill helps you lose.  That’s the main reason most people take weight loss pills, to lose weight.  So our first criteria is a pill that increases our metabolism and potentially decreases our appetite which allows for the maximum possible weight loss.  We aren’t huge fans of Alli, because it’s more of a fat blocker than a fat burner.  So let’s cross it off the list.

Lack of Side Effects – Many of the best weight loss pills can also be associated with some severe health risks which rule them out of the discussion.  Phen-Phen comes to mind as one pill that was amazingly effective, but was highly questionable in terms of side effects.  Another is ephedra alkaloids, which many believe shouldn’t have been banned, but regardless both phen-phen and ephedra alkaloids are banned so they are off the list.  We need a weight loss pill with no severe side effects and that only cause minor issues in some people, because all effective pills may create issues (headache, nausea) with a small percentage of the population.

Actual Reviews from Customers

This is the toughest one.  Sifting through the mountains of misinformation on the web it’s easy to get sucked in by clever marketing copy.  I’m guilty of it and I’m guessing you are too.  Marketers know we can get entrapped by the latest greatest invention that promises us never seen before results.  But after trying the latest greatest, or taking the time to research it, we realize most of the time it’s a lot of fluff and no substance.  That is why we feature 100% actual reviews from our customers to help other customers determine what the best weight loss pill is.

So what is the best weight loss pill?

For our money, it’s Green Stinger or Lipodrene.  We don’t think you can go wrong with either.  They have been our #1 and #2 products for at least five years which means there is no need for fancy new marketing copy.  They sell themselves, and customers feedback helps sell them.   They meet all the criteria we mentioned above by providing effective weight loss with almost no side effects, and have been highly reviewed by past customers.   They are also rarely returned and often reordered.

To us it’s a no brainer, don’t rely on marketers whose only job is to sell to tell you what the best weight loss pill is.  Rely instead on the best customers ever, found at  They want the same awesome weight loss success that you do, and they have already nominated Green Stinger and Lipodrene as the two best weight loss pills.  At the end of the day, the best weight loss pill is the one that gives you the best chance to succeed at losing weight.  We think following in the footsteps of people that have lost weight using a weight loss pill helps make that decision easier.  There is no better testimony of a weight loss pill than someone that is living a new life thanks to losing weight, being healthier, and living longer!

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Clean house, lose weight?

19 Jan

Imagine coming home to a spotless home that has just been cleaned to the max.  No dishes to be washed, no clothes to be washed, and everything put in its proper place.  And not only is everything clean, but it is organized in a sensible fashion.  Sounds pretty awesome right?  Well, according to a recent book, it might even help you lose weight!


ABC News interviewed Peter Walsh, author of “Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: The Six-Week Total-Life Slim Down” and discussed a couple case studies as well as shared a preview of the book.  Apparently he didn’t think slimming down the title of his book was necessary, but we won’t hold that against him.  The core concept behind the book is that there is a link between three things:  a messy home, stress, and weight gain.  I don’t know about you, but this makes a lot of sense to me.  I’m probably the messiest person alive, so when I come home to a clean house it feels amazing!  I definitely feel less stress when coming home to a spotless house and I could see how that could lead to losing weight.  A. I wouldn’t be stressed and as likely to eat crap food to deal with that stress and B. I would have more time to work out or cook a healthy meal, and much more likely to as well.


The ABC News article details a case study that Waslh went through with a woman who had tried a bunch of diets, but was unsuccessful in losing weight.  They completely organized the refrigerator and pantry:


The refrigerator was divided into zones for storing different types of products. This makes it easier to cook at home, rather than order take-out, Walsh said.

“When you step in here I want you to feel like every single thing in here I love, it fits me and people compliment me on it,” Walsh told Rothschild.


The woman reported feeling significantly less stress after her house and kitchen was overhauled into a simple organized system.


The book isn’t just about losing clutter and organizing your house.  Walsh goes into detail about eating plans, workouts, and of course the overall decluttering plan.  He wants you to get away from living your life in a rote fashion, i.e. doing things like buying random junk or watching TV almost without thinking.

I’m going to be experimenting with this plan over the next six weeks and will report back with my successes and failures.  I already know that it will lead to lower stress levels, so let’s see if it also helps with weight loss!   Have you experienced less stress thanks to a clean house?  Or are you super stressed because your house is a disaster area and you have no organization in it at all?  Join the discussion and let’s help each other out!

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How to Keep the Weight Off (No More Yo-Yo)

01 Sep

Congratulations! You have just lost 25 lbs due to hard work and dedication. Now you ease off your diet and maybe even have a party for yourself, a piece of cake here and a couple glasses of wine there. When’s the last time you had pizza? Mmm. It’s been a long time since you had a big, greasy breakfast, dig in! What can it hurt?! This pattern continues until you have gained 25 pounds back in the blink of an eye and barely remember that feeling of being 25 pounds lighter. This happens to so many people! They put in all that time and dedication to losing weight and then gain it all back and usually more in record time. The numbers are murky, but researchers estimate that up to 85% of people that lose more than 20 pounds gain it all back in one year! This is crazy talk, and it’s time to step off the weight loss roller coaster.

You have already proven you can lose the weight and now you need to prove you can keep it off, which will probably take a slightly different strategy. A lot of this strategy depends on what you did to lose weight in the first place. If you were on a very restrictive diet, you need to reintroduce foods slowly. Don’t immediately go back to eating everything you did when you were overweight. It won’t end well. Introduce one new food or food group a week, and see how your body reacts.
If you took a more moderate approach to weight loss, you will have an easier time maintaining it. Simply boost your calories up about 200-400 per day and see how that affects you. The important thing, the first couple weeks after getting to your goal weight, is to not go crazy. Keep monitoring your weight at least once a week and keep working out! Getting to your goal weight allows you to eat a little more, but for your overall health, you should still be exercising at least a couple times a week. Hit the weights or do some sprints for the best results.

Consistency is key for maintaining weight loss. Stick to your workout plan, eat healthy at least 85% of the time, and you will be seeing the body you want in the mirror for years to come. Get off that weight loss roller coaster for good. Not only will you look better, you’ll feel better too!

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Portion Control Help

31 May

Ever find yourself confused with how much food equals one serving?  It can be difficult to decipher proper food portions, especially since portions seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  Many of the big chain restaurants are dishing out double or even triple the recommend portion sizes making it difficult to keep yourself at a healthy weight.

Luckily, WebMD has created a super simple guide to follow so you will always serve up the correct portion sizes.  The guide compares food to objects like a baseball, golf ball, deck of cards, etc.  They also offer PDF versions that you can keep with you as a quick reference wherever you are.  It’s pretty nifty, so check them out!

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Top 4 Benefits of Yellow Bullet

25 May

Yellow Bullet is known as the one of the best fat burner and energizer pills on the market.  If you are looking to lose those last few annoying pounds or just want an awesome energy boost, Yellow Bullet will provide the results you have been searching for!

  1. Provides improved energy and endurance
  2. Boosts metabolism for faster weight loss
  3. Suppresses your appetite
  4. Enhances concentration and alertness

    If you are looking for a serious pill that gives serious results try Yellow Bullet today by visiting!

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    Is sitting too much making you fat?

    20 May

    Ever wonder why two people can eat the same exact things but one loses weight or stays fit while the other gains weight?  Sure, metabolism could be a factor.  But there could be other factor’s too. Maybe one works 40+ hours in an office environment.  Even worse, maybe they work 40+ hours and only get up from their computer once or twice a day.  Check out this NY Time article on the lethal effects of sitting too much.

    DR. LEVINE’S MAGIC UNDERWEAR resembled bicycle shorts, black and skintight, but with sensors mounted on the thighs and wires running to a fanny pack. The look was part Euro tourist, part cyborg. Twice a second, 24 hours a day, the magic underwear’s accelerometers and inclinometers would assess every movement I made, however small, and whether I was lying, walking, standing or sitting.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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    How to Lose Weight on the Job

    18 May

    CareerBuilder conducted a survey “from February 21 through March 10, 2011 among more than 5,600 workers” to see how many people have been “trading doughnuts for carrot sticks” at work.  The results of the survey stated “18% of workers report they’ve lost weight in their current jobs…”  Sounds like a pretty so –so number considering that “forty- three percent of workers said they have gained weight in their current job…”

    Sadly, neither of those statistics are shocking to me.  You hear of more and more people who are either unhappy with their job or just plain overworked, which can lead to some pretty poor eating habits.  In fact, nearly 55% of American’s are unhappy with their jobs, which I’m sure isn’t very surprising to hear.

    So, how does one become part of that coveted 18%?  Below are a few easy tips you can use to shed pounds while at work. Read the rest of this entry »

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