Does this stuff ACTUALLY work?

19 Aug

Can ephedra help me? It’s a question I hear A LOT. Simple question, it deserves a simple answer right?

This is the tricky part, this simple yes or no question doesn’t get a yes or no.

Ephedra extract, the extract from the Ma Huang plant’s leaves that are currently available on the market can work to maintain and lose weight.

It CAN work, and there are a few factors to consider.

Everyone is different, and everyone reacts to any form of medication or supplement differently. What works for someone may not for another, and lets be real: When it comes to treating obesity and helping folks lose weight, the jury is out! What is safe? What works?

A surefire way to lose some weight, maintain your current weight, and have a healthier life is simple. So simple you’ve probably heard of it a time or two. Eat right, healthy “real” (as in not processed) foods and exercise.

“Oh diet and exercise you say? Never heard THAT before” Hush now! I can almost see your exasperated eye rolling now!

It’s true, it has always been true, and it always will be the formula for maintaining a healthy weight.

Ephedra supplements CAN help though. Ephedra with a proprietary blend that often included caffeine and other metabolic boosters can provide you with the energy and appetite suppression you need to reach your goal weight!

Again, not everyone is the same, what works for Patty (she’s so thin, ugh don’t you just HATE her?!) may not work for Johnny (He was so cute in high school MAN what happened?!) but may work for you.

We aren’t going to sell anything and call it the “sit on your couch with a bag of chocolate covered pork rinds and lose weight” pill but we will say that if you are dedicated to changing your lifestyle, getting up and moving and improving your diet an ephedra supplement can help. Honest!

With that in mind, let me just throw this in here, not every ephedra supplement is going to work the same for every person (which is why we carry so many products on the site…seriously have you looked at our site? We got a TON of ephedra supplements). So lets say you try our number one Green Stinger cause everyone’s raving about it and the reviews look good, and you get the bottle and a week later you’re just feeling like you drank 3 pots of espresso and not losing a pound. Well guess what? You can send that baby right back and say, “This one gave me the energy…too much really, but none of the appetite suppression”. We got you covered, send it back and we’ll get another supplement out to you; we might even have a good recommendation if you don’t know what to go with after reading through reviews. Seriously easy, you can’t go wrong.

My point: ephedra can help, whether you are just getting started, or have hit a weight loss plateau. It’s just about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle and finding the supplement that’s gonna work for you!

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Breakfast REALLY is the most important meal of the day

01 Aug

Get up and go. Sometimes that is literally the hardest part of my day. Maybe that sounds like I lead a charmed life, but it ain’t so!

I wake up with a pit in my stomach and I just cannot start my day. Spend another hour in bed, not actually asleep but not willing to get up. It’s not a good start (or a pretty sight for that matter; no really it’s kind of a horror movie).

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, and caffeine kind of aggravates my already sensitive stomach.

The only thing that works for me? I get my full 7-8 hours AND I eat my breakfast first thing.

“But I’m not hungry first thing in the morning!”

I know…I wasn’t either, for a long time. I literally had to train myself by forcing food down when I first woke up and no later than 45 minutes after waking up. Try something easy on the stomach. I recommend gluten free oats, or even better, some awesome overnight oats! Delicious, filled with fiber, protein, and good bacteria to get your digestion booted up first thing.

You get on this routine and I PROMISE you will wake up hungry and your morning blahs will pass quicker than you ever thought possible. And if you get enough sleep you may start waking up without the use of an alarm and eliminate the blahs all together!

You will be surprised how this affects your whole life. You will have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, your stress levels will drop, your skin will get that glow. Everyone will be all “What’s your secret, oh tell me plleaaasssse” and you’ll be all like “IT’S BREAKFAST! YOLO!!!!!” Then you’ll like, I dunno, smash through a wall like the Kool-Aid man or something.

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Do you know the Chinese translation for Ephedra? If not, you are embarrassing.

26 Apr

We have written extensively about ephedra vs ephedrine and the Chinese origins of ephedra.  We at are curious people and wanted to know what the Chinese translation for ephedra was.  Why?  We have no idea, these are just the ideas that pop into our heads while looking out our beautiful Austin office building day dreaming about our next run in the park or boating adventure.

So according to Google Translate here are some common phrases that we use in everyday life talking to customers, each other, and the mirror.

Ephedra =  麻黃

Best customer service on Earth = 地球上最好的客戶服務

Our number #1 product is Green Stinger = 我們的頭號產品是綠色毒刺

Party on Wayne = 在韋恩黨

Obviously I have no idea if any of these translations are right so if any Chinese customers are out there and want to correct us feel free.   And if you want to get really crazy and submit a video of you saying the Chinese version of these four sayings I will give you a million dollars.  Just kidding!  But we will give you some kind of awesome prize pack for a video submission in Chinese because that would just make us awesome.  Next language on the agenda is Latin so brush up everyone.

JT Hart is a regular contributor to Ephedra Outlet. He is a confused individual that spends his time enjoying good beer and food while also competing in triathlons and obstacle races. He manages to stay in good shape by being smart about his exercise and even smarter about his eating. He also loves to travel and all things sports. Follow him on Google+

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Wristband Motivation

06 Dec

Everyone needs a little extra motivation right?  And who knows more about the motivation they need then the person putting in the effort?  That’s why we are asking you to come up with an amazing slogan, quote, or phrase to put on our brand new wristbands.  Not only will the winning quote go on our wristbands for thousands of people to read, but you will win a $100 gift card from

Some of you may be wondering why we are doing this.  We get hundreds of calls a month from people with very similar issues and similar goals.  They want to lose weight, and they are struggling to do it.  We have found one of the keys behind weight loss is motivation.  Motivation to go for a walk in during the sleepy winter months, motivation to say no to that second serving of dessert, or motivation to not go on that midnight binge.

We think these wristbands can have an amazing effect on your motivation level.  Don’t just wear it and forget about it though.  We have two ways to stay motivated using these wristbands.

  1.  Set up a schedule to read the quote on the wristband and remind yourself why you are trying to lose weight.  Maybe it’s to impress someone, do better at a sport, live longer, or just feel better (and you will!).  If you do this daily you are much more likely to avoid the pitfalls that keep you from losing weight.
  2. Make it a game.  Start with your wristband on your left wrist.   Make a commitment to your exercise and diet plan.  Every time you miss a workout or have an unscheduled cheat meal, move the wristband to your right wrist.  This signifies that you messed up.  Hold yourself accountable!  After your next workout or walk move it back to your left wrist and start over again.


We look forward to seeing your awesome suggestions to go on our brand new wristbands!  Make our decision tough for us and feel free to leave multiple suggestions.  Just leave a comment on this blog post containing your idea and you will be entered into the contest.

Ashlie Bales is a semi-regular contributor to Ashlie can be found traveling the world or sleeping in on the weekend. Sometimes both. Follow her on Google+


Food Pyramid Replaced by Food Plate

03 Jun

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Foods to Fight Stress

01 Jun

Everyone has their own little quirks for dealing with stress.  Maybe you take a walk or listen to music to mellow out.  While these are both great ways to deal with stress, you may find it handy that there are a few foods you can eat that also help you get through the day!

An article from Men’s Health talks about 7 foods that fight stress, but I listed the 7 step short version (made into a story) for those who are too stressed to click another link.

  1. Let’s say you are stuck in traffic or in a highly annoying situation that you cannot control.  For this type of scenario, it is suggested that a skim-milk chai latte and half a bagel with cream cheese will provide some energy and make you less cranky.
  2. Now that you have made it to work after the long hour wait in traffic, you need to prepare for your BIG presentation to your boss.  Feeling a little nervous?  Having the glass of milk will help calm your body, so you can proceed like a pro!
  3. After your awesome presentation, your boss invites you to lunch.  Palms sweating, you flip though the menu trying to decide on what to eat.  It is suggested that eating a salad with chicken or fish will actually help feel better and less nervous.
  4. The lunch went well, but your boss asked you to to present another presentation to a major client.  After returning to work, you start to feel sick and overcome with stress.  Surprisingly, having some Peanut M&Ms will help keep you focused, so dig out those dollars and head to the vending machine. Read the rest of this entry »
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Portion Control Help

31 May

Ever find yourself confused with how much food equals one serving?  It can be difficult to decipher proper food portions, especially since portions seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  Many of the big chain restaurants are dishing out double or even triple the recommend portion sizes making it difficult to keep yourself at a healthy weight.

Luckily, WebMD has created a super simple guide to follow so you will always serve up the correct portion sizes.  The guide compares food to objects like a baseball, golf ball, deck of cards, etc.  They also offer PDF versions that you can keep with you as a quick reference wherever you are.  It’s pretty nifty, so check them out!

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Top 4 Benefits of Yellow Bullet

25 May

Yellow Bullet is known as the one of the best fat burner and energizer pills on the market.  If you are looking to lose those last few annoying pounds or just want an awesome energy boost, Yellow Bullet will provide the results you have been searching for!

  1. Provides improved energy and endurance
  2. Boosts metabolism for faster weight loss
  3. Suppresses your appetite
  4. Enhances concentration and alertness

    If you are looking for a serious pill that gives serious results try Yellow Bullet today by visiting!

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    Can Crossing your Arms Relieve Pain?

    23 May

    A recent article TIME article explored the bizarre claim that crossing your arms will actually prevent pain.  How does it work?  Studies have shown that by crossing your arms it “confused the brain by interrupting the processing of information incoming from multiple regions.”  While this method has not been proven to alleviate extreme pain, it might be a quick fix for minor aches.

    Read the full article:  Why Crossing Your Arms Helps Kills Pain

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    Is sitting too much making you fat?

    20 May

    Ever wonder why two people can eat the same exact things but one loses weight or stays fit while the other gains weight?  Sure, metabolism could be a factor.  But there could be other factor’s too. Maybe one works 40+ hours in an office environment.  Even worse, maybe they work 40+ hours and only get up from their computer once or twice a day.  Check out this NY Time article on the lethal effects of sitting too much.

    DR. LEVINE’S MAGIC UNDERWEAR resembled bicycle shorts, black and skintight, but with sensors mounted on the thighs and wires running to a fanny pack. The look was part Euro tourist, part cyborg. Twice a second, 24 hours a day, the magic underwear’s accelerometers and inclinometers would assess every movement I made, however small, and whether I was lying, walking, standing or sitting.

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